Research & Development


Reinventing oneself is the only way forward and we, at Jehel, take this very seriously to keep our clients happy. Our design department is on a constant endeavour to upgrade the products with latest technology and innovative idea so as to meet our clients’ diverse and ever changing requirements.Below is a list of new equipments that our R&D team has developed in this financial year :


Hydraulic Truck Unloader – MK III    


All the HTU, so far developed or being used by so many users are necessarily with ramps and heavy foundations. The ramp occupies heavy floor space & hampers the vehicle maneuverability
The Mark III version of HTU, what we have developed after careful research eliminates the need of ramp altogether as HTU platform level is matched with the ground level.
This development also eliminates deep and heavy foundation.
All this development has been carried out to curtail the heavy expenditure on civil works and hence the customer will be benefitted as far as cost saving is concerned and also the space can be utilized in a better way as ramp is eliminated.


 Portable Hydraulic Truck Unloader


It has been observed very frequently that the unloading position is not fixed or unloading is required to be done in open field. In such cases , the conventional HTU, cannot be used.
Hence to facilitate the unloading in open field, the development of Portable HTU has been carried out.
In this case, the design of HTU has been carried out in such a way that the same is integrated with a special purpose suitably designed trailor and the trailor can be towed by any Tractor vehicle fitted with fifth wheel coupling.
With this, flexibility of operation for the HTU has been increased tremendously.
At any place of operation, no civil work is required.
Even at the conventional sites, the Portable HTU may be used where there is space crunch.


High Performance Log Grab


The new high performance log grab model comes with a much stronger & sleeker crane boom as well as stronger structural components being made of high tensile steel SAILMA 350 / 450. This not only avoids structural failure, but also increases speed of operation to more than double of what it was in the previous model. This high performance model is accompanied with 360 degrees continuous or discontinuous rotation, comfortable ergonomic seat with suitable arm-rests, high-speed cabin fan and Joystick control. All this results in much lesser operational time thus saving a lot of time and money at the user end.