Hydraulic Truck Unloader


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The Hydraulic Truck Unloader consists of a top platform with anti-skid chequered platform of suitable width along with guide rails for positioning of the truck, a pair of heavy duty lift cylinder to tilt the platform up to 55o, a pair of hydraulically operated retractable back stoppers at the rear towards hopper end, two pairs of hydraulic cylinder actuated hook / mechanical hook-chain arrangement & a pair of fixed back stoppers at the rear towards hopper end. All the operations e.g. tilting of the top platform  raising of the retractable back stopper tensioning of the front anchoring chain are actuated from a hydraulic power pack placed near the Truck Unloader along with a control panel with push button for operating the three functions described above.


Our truck unloader comes in two models :





All the HTUs, so far developed or being used by so many users are necessarily with ramps and heavy foundations. The ramp occupies heavy floor space & hampers the vehicle maneuverability 

The Mark III version of HTU, what we have developed inhouse after careful and meticulous research by our eminent Design team, eliminates the requirement of ramp altogether as HTU platform level is matched with the ground level.
This also eliminates deep and heavy foundation. 
These developments have been carried out to curtail the heavy expenditure on civil works bourne by the customers. Now the customer can be benefitted as far as cost saving is concerned and also the space can be utilized in a much better way.




This is the conventional model available in the market. The hydraulic truck to be unloaded is driven backwards through a ramp onto the platform till the rear wheels of the truck get support from the resting pads of the back stoppers. After this, the front anchoring chains are harnessed to the front axle by means of hooks attached to the locking chains and materials start falling on the hopper at the rear end from a tilting angle of 30o  till the truck is completely emptied on the hopper.




Cement, sugar, steel, iron, glass, construction, paper.


Technical Specifications:


Hydraulic truck unloader is available in two models MK-II & MK-III with capacity ranging from 30 to 100 tons.


Apart from these standard models, our experienced Design team can also customize according to your unique requirements.

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