Clam Shell Grab

Clam Shell GrabClam Shell GrabClam Shell Grab

Clam Shell Grab is electro hydraulically operated, used for handling a wide range of material like coal, rock, iron ore, gypsum, fly ash, logs, mill scale and other loose material. It comes with three variants-

  • Mounted on EOT cranes
  • Mounted on stationary cranes
  • Mounted on mobile cranes
  • Steel Plants, Sponge Iron Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Cement Plants
  • 1 Cu Meter, 2 Cu Meter, 3 Cu Meter, 4 Cu Meter, 5 Cu Meter, 6 Cu Meter, 7 Cu Meter, 8 Cu Meter

Apart from these standard models, our experienced Design team can also customize according to your unique requirements.

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