Hydraulic Truck Tippler

The Hydraulic Truck Unloader is meant for raw material unloading from the truck/ trailer to the hopper or specified discharge point.

The capacity ranges from 40Ton to 100Ton and platform size from 8.5meters to 18 meters to suit different truck/trailer models.

Truck Tippler

Our Hydraulic Truck Unloader consists of

1. A platform with anti-skid chequered plate along with guide rails for positioning of the truck/trailer.
2. A pair of heavy duty lift cylindersto tilt the platform up to 55°,
3. A pair of hydraulicallyretractable / Fixed/Foldable(for drive through arrangement) back stoppers to arrest the rear wheels,
4. Two pairs (suitable for different type of trucks/trailer) of hydraulic/mechanical hookchain arrangement is provided to hold the front axle of the truck/trailer.
5. Our truck tipplers are provided with desk type control panel. All the operations are actuated through hydraulic power pack with
the help of push buttons provided in the control panel.

Ramp Saver model- MK-III:

This model was innovated in the year 2013-14.

Salient features of MARK III HTU is primarily aimed towards cost cutting of the project in terms of total work station, and the innovation of our design has made it possible for offering to our esteemed Clients like you, to look into the possibility of reduction in civil structural cost.

The prima facie reduction is in Ramp height and consequent Ramp volume of concrete.

This model assures elimination of heavy foundation deep below the GL, space for the ramp and long shut downs for maintenance.

Truck Tippler
Truck Tippler
Conventional model- MK-I and MK-II:

These conventional model were well circulated prior to MK-III model. This models are equally suitable for all the sites, especially for replacement/modification without altering the foundation.

Mark-I model of Truck Tippler may be used along with Load Cell to act as a weigh bride too.

  • Cement, sugar, steel, iron, glass, construction, paper.
Technical Specifications:
  •  Hydraulic truck unloader is capacity ranging from 30 to 100 tons.
Hydraulic Truck Tippler with drive through arrangement

This is a tipical arrangement of truck unloading where the reversal of the truck is 
eliminated as the truck move ower the hopper/BRU through a Drive over Door and 
positioned over the tilting platformn which tilts and unload the material and the truck mooved out to the same direction. This is the most suitable model been accepted by many industries at present.

  • Cement, sugar, steel, iron, glass, construction, paper.
Technical Specifications:
  • Hydraulic truck unloader is available with capacity ranging from 60 to 100 ton
Truck TipplerTruck Tippler