Research & Development

Reinventing oneself is the only way forward and we, at Jehel, take this very seriously to keep our clients happy. Our design department is on a constant endeavour to upgrade the products with latest technology and innovative idea so as to meet our clients’ diverse and ever changing requirements. We have latest R&D technology and softwares inhouse with which we can develop anything our customers require. Below is a list of new developments that our R&D team has developed in this financial year:

Hydraulic Truck Unloader : With Drive through technology

This is a tipical arrangement of truck unloading where the reversal of the truck is eliminated as the truck move ower the hopper/BRU through a Drive over Door and positioned over the tilting platformn which tilts and unload the material and the truck mooved out to the same direction. This is the most suitable model been accepted by many industries at present.

Snow plough attachment :

We are the first one to develop snow plough attachment for BRO (Ministry of Defence). This machine is efficient to remove snow from hilly roads and make the roads available to use.

Remote controlled AFR handler: 

We are the first company in India to develop Radio-remote controlled hydraulically operated Alternate fuel handling machine.