Commitment to Reliability

Jaypee Engineering has been a traditional hindu business company operating from 1995 since its inception. Our management used to focus on low cost manufacturing over the quality. It was a renaissance in the company when our Deputy Managing Director Mr. Akshay Agarwal joined the company in 2014. From 2014 to present, the company has taken some bold initiatives where the main focus has been made on the quality and reliability of the equipment.

  • All the uncertified gas cutters, welders, fitters has been trained by the company and presently all of them are Level3 certified.
  • Previously the we use to do only 2-D design and directly manufacture the equipment. As a result sometimes failure reports used to come from directly from the site. This issue has been completely taken care by installing 3-D analysis software-SOLIDEDGE. Now our design team does the 3-D analysis before finalising the design. As a result from the last 5 years we are having zero failure at site.
  • Previously the company used local steel tubes for cost cutting in manufacturing of Hydraulic Cylinders- which is the heart of the equipment. But these resulted in frequent damage of seals due to presence of scratches and dents in the tubes. The company now imports ST-52 standard seamless honed tubes and this has really helped us reach the top-notch.
  • Now Stage and final product inspections are inline with leading quality institutions like TPL, Beurau Veritas, TUV SUD etc.
  • The company now operates with a team of fully professional personnels with SOPs in place.