Stationary Rock Breaker


A pedestal-mounted Rock Breaker System is a stationary unit, mounted over the grizzly, operated electrically to break and rake oversized boulders or lumps of coal dumped on the grizzly. It ensures that the crushers are fed with the appropriate size of the feed. These rock breaker systems prevent the unnecessary stopping of the crusher owing to the jamming of large boulders and lumps of coal in both underground and open pit mines , coal handling plants and offer high quality, high productivity and immense robustness.

Rock BreakerRock BreakerRock BreakerRock Breaker

JEHEL make hydraulically operated Stationary Mounted Articulated Boom Crane with facility to attach Rock Breakers is the ultimate solution for breaking over-sized lumps at Grizzly. It may be installed beside the Primary Crusher Hopper for breaking over-sized lumps at Grizzly. As it can rotate 170º / 360º along its column axis, its breaking zone can cover entire Hopper area. Apart from our standard models, we manufacture and supply tailor make equipment to suit smaller / bigger size of Hopper. Stationary Rock Breaker (SRB) can be installed beside Truck Hopper and Wagon Tippler Hopper. Trolley mounted SRB can travel on Railway Track throughout the length of Track Hopper and thus can break big lumps of Coal on entire Hopper area.

  • This equipment is suitable for Breaking Lumps of Coal, Lime Stone, Iron Ore etc in Thermal Power Plants, Cement Industries, Mines, Coal Handling Plants, etc.
  • SRB 4, SRB 5.5, SRB 6.5 SRB 7.5, SRB 8.5, SRB 9.5, SRB 10.5, SRB 12.5

Apart from these standard models, our experienced Design team can also customize according to your unique requirements.