Mini-Mobile Breaker and

About JEHEL’s Boxer

We are manufacturing two different models according to the size and its different applications, namely Boxer35 and Boxer50. Boxer has versalite application in different industries as follows:


Mining Industry: The BOXER machines are compact in design, has flexible arm system, which makes it suitable for breaking lumps of rocks in mining.


Cement Industry: Effective utilization for debricking in cement kilns.


A pair of hydraulicallyretractable / Fixed/Foldable(for drive through arrangement) back stoppers to arrest the rear wheels,


Metal Processing: Cleaning deposited accretion and debricking in furnace, ladles, runners and torpedo cars.


Sponge Iron: Demolition of accretion in 350 and 500 TPD kilns.


Construction Industry: Demolition of old concrete structure and removal of debris in congested areas


Tunelling with auger attachment


Underground digging in a narrow vein mine can be done with bucket attachment.

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JEHEL’s Strength

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Inhouse design team technological with excellence in Mechanical, Electrical and Hydraulic design.

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1 lac sq. ft covered shop floor equipped with all modern manufacturing facilities
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R&D team with modern 3-D analysis softwares for VA/VE
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International Quality cylinders manufacturing
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Comprehensive quality assurance approach conforming to international standards
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Providing high quality technical products at an economical cost.
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Experienced service team of 25 members catering India & abroad

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Reinventing oneself is the only way forward and we, at Jehel, take this very seriously to keep our clients happy

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Manufacturing Expertise

State of the art manufacturing facility helps us to deliver tailored solutions for every material handling and rock breaking requirements.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our design and R&D team uses moden 3D design and analysis softwares for VA/VE ensuring reliability and safety at site.

Reliable Support

Our 25 service engineers cater worldwide, ensuring smooth operations and optimal performance.

Competitive Pricing

High-quality engineering solutions offered at competitive rates, ensuring value and affordability for our clients.

Customized Solutions

Tailored Engineering Solutions Addressing Your Material Handling Requirements.

Mobile Breaker and Excavator-35:

Efficiently used for accretion demolition of 350TPD sponge iron and other cement kilns

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Mini-Mobile Breaker and Excavator-50:

Efficiently used for accretion demolition of 500 TPD sponge iron and other cement kilns

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