Snow Plough

About JEHEL’s Snow Plough

JEHEL manufactured snow plough is a device intended for mounting on a vehicle, used for removing snow and ice from outdoor surfaces, typically those serving transportation purposes..


Push the snowboard LH and RH: ±30 degree


Ready to use weight: 720 kg approximately or more


High Wear resistant steel / PU


Solenoid Valve actuated controls of snow plough attachment operation such as raising/lowering & angling shall be provided inside the driver’s cabin of the carrier vehicle and shall be ergonomically positioned in such manner that it is easily accessible to the driver/operator.

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Snow Plough

Technical Parameters:

  • Overall Product Size: 3000 X 1295 X 1000 (mm)
  • Maximum clearance from ground: 350-400mm
  • Obstacle avoidance height: 140mm
  • Snow removal thickness: <200mm 
  • Snow removal efficiency: >90%
  • Working Speed: 10-30 Km/hr
  • Shovel: High Carbon Steel
  • Paint: Golden Yellow
  • Hydraulic lifting/lowering device: Yes
  •  Hydraulic angling device: Yes
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